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Shopfloor Design - Size: 21sqm

Status: Completed 2017

ProVision 88 is a newly startup eye care specialist based in a busy neighbourhood near Whampoa market. Their aim was to promote professional eye care services, which uses many technologies to provide these special eye checks.


The design intent for the shopfloor was to create an experience of an medicative concept, whereby it showcases their variety of equipments used in their space to provide for professional eye checks to draw the attention of the neighbourhood crowd. To enhance experience of the space , a green wall is added as an eye-catching accent in the space to bring a therapeutic freshness into the busy neighbourhood.  A sense of transparency in the shop floor with an open-concept of the display shelves showcases their wide range of spectacles as tools not only to adjust your vision, but also to protect your vision. 

Much focused on the elderly of the target crowd there, site market analysis have also shown that children have been prone to much eyecare problems, hence introduction a child-friendly kiosk ergonomically designed just to suit a child's proportions. Sliding mirrors and portable mirror cubes displayed in the space are made portable for a flexible display as well as to visually open up the space. Warm light wood grains are used in the space to bring a sense of therapeutic tranquillity to enhance the experience of professional eye checks.  


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