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Study Area - Size: 20sqm

Status: Completed 2017

An add-on study area to cater for a young couple who spends alot of their time with their laptops and occasionally to work from home.

The design intent aims to have a bigger capacity to allow for a bigger area for 2 sets of laptops and a printer. Study tables can be very messy with the wires of the electronic appliances, hence we have proposed to have cable compartments in a very economical way to conceal the untidiness of the wires. A built-in LED light strip is proposed to compensate with the central light source of the room which will cause a dark shadow when using the study table - again concealed so as to make the study area a more conducive place to work at. 

A mixture of matt white laminate and light subtle wood grains helps to lighten up the space, to boost productivity and to bring in a certain level of calmness to the space. 


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