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GoldenHill Park
GoldenHill Park
GoldenHill Park

Refurbished 3BR Condominium 

Status: Completed 2016

The owners were a family of a couple with 2 young children and they are taking over an existing apartment. The existing apartment had the issues of facing the western-sun and that the kitchen area was under-sized for the family usage. The previous owner had build a bar counter extending to the living area which has much reduced the usable space. 

Our design intent aims to bring down the temperature of the space with the control of cool colours, Specified film for reduction of temperature is used for the curtains as well to allow heat to be reflected back, reducing the impact of the western sun. Re-configuration of the laundry space accommodates for a dry kitchen area, an extension of the cooking space. Subtle zoning for each space (dining/ living/kitchen). with the ceiling design above the dining area intents to link up with the angled portal at the kitchen to introduce the connection between the 2 separate spaces.

Contrasting natural woods, grey fabrics and marble finishes creates a cafe-homey environment for the couple, expressing their love for coffee and chill-out spaces.


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