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Yes! Homes spaces are getting smaller, but you can still live it up in a small space. Here are 3 main design tricks to make any tiny space look and feel larger.

#1 Use Neutral Colours

By using light and soft colours in the interior space, it allows more light to be reflected in the space hence giving an illusion of a bigger space.

#2 Reflective Finishes

Interior design is all about lighting created in the space. When a reflective finish is applied, it tends to appear to expand the space in which will create the sense of openness. Gloss finishes can be applied to reflect light, extending the visual boundaries of a space.

Mirrors have been overly used and overly used in many residential spaces, in which will also occur in tacky maintenance issues. Accessories can be advised for small homes; interchangeable, extend the visual boundary of a space, beautify your space. All the goodness in one.

#3 Create extra rooms

There is no space, how to make room?!

Use small, thin furniture with legs, allow gap spaces between a piece of furniture to another. In this way, it creates "space" which is pleasing to the eye and also a visual of empty pockets of spaces which creates an illusion of "I can still put more things".

Need additional information or more tricks to enlarge your small space? Do drop us an email for more advises!

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