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How do you know if the interior designer is the right one for you?

Reviewing their portfolio would be the key. A designer's portfolio speaks for itself and that it would bare the characteristics & personality of the designer in their portfolio.

1. Look into their past experiences - Compare the amount of completed projects they have done.

Renderings (Digital images) are usually proposal projects - idea stage, and might not be completed or confirmed by clients. Photographs of the interior would usually be the completed projects that the designers have done. You could request for construction progress photos of certain projects to understand how the designer work. This would also test if the designer is reliable at their 'after-confirmation-service'.

2. Identify their style - Look for a repeated design pattern.

All designers are different, so be sure the designer is a match to your style. By looking at their portfolios, you will be able to see if their style matches you. Most designers have a fundamental aesthetic sense that remains consistent throughout their works. For an example you wanted a minimalist neutral colour palette for your home, you may not want to go for a designer whose style is rustic and often uses a bold colour palette. Match the designer to your style, it is easier for the designer to understand your taste better too.

A clean, minimal and neutral palette interior style.

Colour clash, classic interior style.

Textured and raw interior style.

Credits: humble-homes

3. Look deeper into the projects - Different projects have a different 'story'.

Concepts are important to a designer. A designer always has a 'formula' for every design they create. Look into their project images and ask questions on how did they derive this 'formula' for that particular project and that what made them design it that way.

The 'formula' (concept) of this project is to break (-) the wall at the study room into the living room to combine (+) both spaces to create (=) a feature display space for a figurine collector.

Credits: Natalie Chin

Reading deeper into the designer's portfolio will enable you to view his/her personality and quality of work to find which is the best designer for your future home.


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