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Defects in a newly bulit HDB is inevitable. Some may be pretty serious while others like a hairline wall crack may not be easy to get noticed. While you might be excited to start your renovation works immediately, it is recommended to look over your new home carefully to prevent all the inconveniences you have to go through at the later stage after all your renovation works. Anyways all new HDB flats comes with a 1-year defects liability period (DLP), which is effective from the date of sale. Why waste your warranty?

Things to bring: Masking Tape, marker pens, coins/ marbles, Spirit level, simple plug-in LED (anything that can indicate that the power supply is running), torchlight, stool/ ladder, camera, padlock

Here are the things in the checklist to look out for when hunting for defects:

1. Check that your keys opens the corresponding doors properly - Are all of your keys, even the one for your letter box working?

2. Switch on all lights - Ensure that none are blown or faulty. Plug in the LED, lookout for rust and cracks at the electrical sockets too (Remember to activate the utilities after you get your keys)

3. Turn on taps, faucets and shower - Ensure no choking in your sink and floor trap. Flood your floor and check if the water drains out quickly.

4. Flush your toilets - Observe how long it takes for the water tank to fill up and to ensure no chokages.

5. Check all water pipes for any leakages

6. Look out for any leakages from the ceiling - neighbours living above you may start their reno works.

7. Check the water condition - Are there particles or clouding in the water?

8. Open every window to their maximum - Are they functioning properly? Ensure that all handles and locks are tightly secured, easily turned and locked.

9. Tap every tile with a 50cents coin or marble - A hollow sound indicates that the floor/wall tile has a hollow spot and may lead to popping up in future. Ensure that the tiles are equally level to its neighbour too. At the same time while you are doing this, check for any checks or scratch marks & stains on the tiles. (Use a masking tape and marker to indicate defective tiles)

10. Check for crack or slanted walls - If you have a wooden/ tile skirting, check that it is equally leveled too. Use the spirit level to help you with this. Slanted walls will cause a problem when you start to put furnitures in.

11. Check for gaps between door frame and wall - the gap between door frame and wall should not be more than 5mm. The door should be parallel and aligned with the wall. at the same time lookout for warpage and stain marks on the door too.

Yes you are done! Remember to document every defect with a camera and highlight them with masking tape and markers. Having your own record is far more efficient than relying on your memory, especially when there are more than 10 defects in the flat.

Important note: DO NOT give your house keys to the BSC personnel. Get a bicycle lock or padlock to lock your front gate instead.


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